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worthless zimbabwe dollars

Millions, Billions,  Trillions  by Cathy BuckleMillions, Billions, Trillions by Cathy Buckle.

This book tells of the years that most Zimbabweans would rather forget.  Super-hyper- inflation that stopped being  officially announced when it reached  230 million percent.  People from all walks of life losing their jobs, homes, pensions and life savings. Twenty five zeroes removed from the currency in thirty months. A third of the population forced to leave the country in order  to survive and to send food and money home to those who stayed behind. Empty shops; chronic shortages of food, fuel, bank notes, water and electricity. Shopping for food, medicine and daily essentials across the borders and on the black market.
Millions, billions, trillions is the second of two books documenting Zimbabwe’s descent into darkness. It covers the years 2005 to 2009 and includes Operation Murambatsvina that left at least 700,000 without homes and livelihoods; crippling price controls which left supermarkets empty; a cholera epidemic which claimed at least 4,000 lives and three violent and disputed elections which left many hundreds dead, many thousands brutalised and hundreds of thousands displaced and on the run. 
Cathy Buckle
(The Litany Bird)

Marondera, Zimbabwe. 2014Litany Bird


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