Imire by Cathy BuckleIMIRE - The Life and Times of Norman Travers.” As told to Cathy Buckle.

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A lion in the garden and a crocodile in the swimming pool; an otter called Potter that started life in the master bedroom and a hippo called Maggie that lived in the dam and snacked on half a loaf of bread and a bottle of beer. These are just some of the stories in a book about Norman Travers. Norman Travers was a visionary conservationist and an enduring optimist. Through two wars he displayed great courage and leadership and was awarded an MC for bravery. Passionate about wildlife, Norman demonstrated that maize and tobacco farming could be practised side by side with game animals. Hand rearing lions, elephants and leopards, Norman and Gill Travers built up Imire Game Park at a time when the country was ravaged by war. When black rhinos were being decimated by poaching, Norman introduced them to Imire, reared the calves and released them back into the wild, winning a Wildlife Oscar for his efforts. This is a humorous account of a remarkable man who loved life and his family, loved animals and above all loved his country. “Imire.

The Life and Times of Norman Travers.” As told to Cathy Buckle.


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